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Foshan Doden Casa home furniture Co.,Ltd,from the European classic furniture design concept and production process,into the East aesthetic elements to high the concept of customization,creating a rich and diverse home for different ambience and life themes space. Products to kitchen,wardrobe,interior door as the main lineup,covering cabinets(Tv cabinet,book cabinet,shoes cabinet,dinning cabinet Etc.)
We pursuit of simple and solemn,avant-garde and classic design style,has  been maintained the modern fashion life of the sharp tentacles and the relentless pursuit of quality.From the tast of life,making technology,comfort experience,the value of four aspects of the product,for you about high end furniture for your exquisite life experience.
Covers an area of 40,000 square meters of production base,with full sets of automatic furniture production equipment.At the same time built an experienced technology mature furniture production team,become the whole house customization service strength guarantee.



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