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Looking for a quality supplier for your next project?

We have supplied our products to all over the world,pls give us a chance ,you will be satisfied.


Our service

1. We will introdue every samples to client till they understand what we are making,what we have,what we can do. 2. We will make Aucad drawing&3D design for kitchen,wardrobe,other customized cabinet. 3. We will help to give professional suggestion to clients for the colors. 4.Final confirmation for details 5.After the production,we will make assembling for all the cabinets and make inspection. 6.Delivery and loading for free in Foshan city.

Why choose us

We have professional team for design/sales/production/inspection/after sales service,15years experience for customized home furniture.

Custom process

1.Discussing for material/style.2. Designing.3. Discussing for color/design/detailes.4.Confirming for design/color/details.5.Paying deposit and start producing

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